Carpets and hard floors in busy commercial premises will see lots of footfall and pick up a vast amount of dirt or indelible marks and stains as a result (not to mention parasites). We have a team of floorcare professionals that can hygienically clean your carpets and hard floors, leaving them looking as good as new. 

Carpet cleaning 

For commercial carpet cleaning, we use a hot water extraction method (steam cleaning), which involves hot water and cleaning substances being agitated into carpet fibres at high pressure to loosen dirt and grime. Dirt particles are then removed with a high-powered vacuum. This process is the most advanced method possible for deep cleaning carpets and also for spot cleaning. 

Strip and seal 

Vinyl and tiled floors require deep cleaning from time to time, just like carpets do. For vinyl floors, we offer a strip and seal service that involves using an eco-friendly stripping agent to remove deep-rooted dirt and contaminants, before sealing afterwards. 

Car park cleaning 

Oil stains, tyre marks, and chewing gum are just some of the eyesores you might find in a car park. If not treated, they can stick around for years. Chewing gum, for instance, takes up to 5 years to biodegrade. 
At UKSS, we use blast cleaning techniques to easily remove nuisances like chewing gum while thoroughly cleaning surfaces and obliterating stains. We may also use freezing solutions for particularly stubborn or sticky remnants of gum. 
Through regular maintenance, we can not only restore your car park to an aesthetically-pleasing state but also help aid the longevity of the surfaces within. 
For more information on our carpet, hard floor and car park cleaning services, submit an enquiry today. 
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