Nationwide window cleaning 

At UKSS, our expertise lies in commercial window cleaning, including windows at height or those that are typically inaccessible. 
To do this, we use innovative access equipment such as water-fed pole systems, Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) and Building Maintenance Units (BMUs). Additionally, our operatives are trained in industrial rope access techniques (IRATA). For windows that are accessible from the ground, we use conventional window cleaning methods. 
We have comprehensive health and safety policies in place, and we carry out detailed risk assessments for all sites. All our operatives undergo the necessary health and safety and skills training to comply with UK legislation. 

Water-fed pole systems 

The water-fed pole system (also known as reach and wash) uses cleaning brushes attached to telescopic poles that can be extended to reach heights of up to 60 feet. With this system, ladders can usually be avoided, as can the safety risks associated with using them.  
Windows cleaned with tap water must be dried thoroughly to avoid spots and streaks caused by impurities in the water. Manually drying high-up windows would be a very complex task! That’s why the water-fed pole system uses heated purified water that is filtered through natural processes such as deionisation. After cleaning and rinsing, the windows can be left to dry naturally to reveal a crystal clear glass surface. 


Using a MEWP allows us to clean windows that would be otherwise inaccessible or exceptionally high. We have access to a range of machinery, including truck mounted platforms, depending on the client’s needs and budget. All our operatives are trained to IPAF standards. 


Where fitted, Building Maintenance Units (cradles) provide a safe solution to access the external facade of any building. Site specific training is required before this equipment can be used and all UKSS operatives have been Part 1 trained in the use of cradles. 

IRATA Rope Access 

This service is ideal for high-rise office blocks or skyscraper buildings. Our operatives are IRATA qualified, and we are fully insured for abseil window cleaning work. Risk assessments are carried out on site beforehand, and we require our staff to pass a medical to ensure they are physically able to work at height. 

Conventional window cleaning 

This method involves applying a cleaning solution to the window, then wiping the window down via a squeegee and clean cloth. It’s the best solution for exterior windows at ground level and for internal windows too. 
Talk to us about your window cleaning requirements today. 
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